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The jigsaw process makes the wood more stable

How many times before the wood becomes furniture, the knife and axe are cut, and even the bones are broken. It is necessary to preserve the beauty of the wood. It is necessary to remove 

the "temper" of the wood. Due to the characteristics of the wood itself, the solid wood furniture will be cracked and deformed. The so-called "no break, no solid wood." Making wood more 

stable is the core of the puzzle.we are wood drying machine for sale.

According to the product's component size requirements, the primary wood processing materials are selected.

Breaking is the cutting of the required size of the wood. Cut the specified size width according to the size requirements.

This is also an important part of the selection of materials, the unqualified materials for the first step of the primary selection, because he will directly affect the quality and 

effect of the product.

After the wood has been processed through the length and width, the thickness is processed. This completes the first step of the primary selection, and the first processed wood is cut 

through multiple saws. In order to make the board seamlessly spliced, we use a fully automatic trimming saw. In order to ensure the beautiful appearance of the board, we must strictly 

compare the color and texture of each part to ensure the high quality of the product.

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