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Radio Frequency Vacuum Wood Dryer Kiln Machine

Product Specific Description:

Morning sun high frequency vacuum mahogany drying equipment

1. High frequency heating is used to solve the problem of fast heating and drying of wood.

2. The wood is heated both inside and outside at the same time. The heating is uniform and the quality is good. It can keep the natural color of the wood.

3. Vacuum water absorption reduces the temperature of wood drying process, makes wood vaporized at low temperature, is not easy to crack and improves wood dehydration speed.

4. High efficiency, environmental protection and non-pollution of the environment.

Fifth, high frequency wave can kill the insects and pathogens hidden in the board, which can shorten the drying cycle and further ensure the quality of wood drying.we are provide radio frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln machine,you can know it.

It is especially suitable for the drying of thick, hard and large cross-section square wood (which takes a long time to be dried by conventional drying methods), precious wood such as rosewood, chicken wings, yellow pear, rosewood, etc. At the same time, small batches of wood are used to accelerate the secondary drying after moisture regain.

If you have any questions about the high frequency vacuum wood drying equipment, please call us. The company will provide you with a full range of high frequency vacuum drying equipment services.

The volume of drying tank or drying box can be designed and processed according to customers'requirements.

Vacuum drying of wood is a method of drying wood in a closed container under atmospheric pressure. Under vacuum conditions, the boiling point of water decreases and the evaporation rate accelerates, so that the drying rate of wood can be accelerated at lower temperatures. In the drying process, on the one hand, the surface water evaporates into the surrounding air, on the other hand, the internal water continuously moves to the surface. Therefore, in order to speed up drying, we must try to speed up the movement of moisture in wood. In addition, under vacuum conditions, the boiling point of water decreases, resulting in faster evaporation rate of water in wood and higher gradient of water content on wood surface, which prevents wood surface from cracking due to severe evaporation of water on wood surface. When the water evaporates sharply on the wood surface, it absorbs a lot of heat of vaporization, which causes the cooling of the wood surface. All these factors accelerated the movement of water from the wood interior to the surface.

There are many users wondering how to deal with the faults in the production process of wood dryer.

Now Linqu Jinlong tells you:

1. Fire of wood dryer

Causes: excessive drying temperature, resulting in fire and combustion in drying equipment; blockage of drying equipment;

Solution: Reduce drying temperature; Clean drying equipment.

2. The temperature of wood dryer is too high or too low

Causes: wind blade reversal; heat pipe burnout; heat pipe conductive wire burnout;

Solutions: to adjust the power supply phase line; to change the motor steering; to replace the heat pipe or heat pipe conductive wire.

3. Wood dryers are noisy

Causes: uneven placement of workpiece; unstable installation of dryer; oil loss or damage of bearing; loosening of fixed bolt of bearing seat;

Solution: stop the machine and place the workpiece evenly; reinstall the smooth dryer; re-fix the bearing seat bolt firmly; replace the bearing.

Radio frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln machine

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