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Maintenance Measures of Wood Drying Equipment

Vacuum wood drying equipment can be used for wood drying.

How much do you know about the maintenance and drying methods of wood? Here is an introduction for you.we are provide radio frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln machine,you can know it.

Wood drying equipment drying method:

1. After the trees are cut down, the temporary branches and leaves help the trunk evaporate water and make the wood dry evenly.

2. When peeling bark, strip or ring peeling is also used to gradually evaporate wood moisture and slow down drying speed.

3. Wood should be piled up in a cool and dry place to avoid sunshine and rain.

4. In order to prevent the end wood section from cracking, the commonly used anti-cracking coating is asphalt. Polyvinyl acetate emulsion and so on. To prevent the precious wood from cracking, tung oil and lime can be evenly mixed into paste and applied on the wood surface.

Wood preservation measures:

There are two ways to prevent wood decay. One is to create conditions so that decay is not suitable for parasitic wood. For example, wood is dried to keep its moisture content around 20%.

Or use ventilation, moisture-proof, paint and other measures to keep the wood structure often out of dry state.

At the same time, the wood can also be completely immersed in water for preservation. Another measure is to inject chemical preservatives into wood, turning the wood into toxic five fingers, poisoning parasitic fungi and insects.

The position of wood drying production in wood processing enterprises is more important. In order to ensure smooth production, it is necessary to produce in an organized and planned way. It is only a basic condition to possess wood drying production technology. 

To implement wood drying production technology, it is necessary to create a good production environment, which requires the management of wood drying production. The purpose of management is to better carry out wood drying production according to the technical requirements of wood drying production. In general, the basic management of wood drying production mainly includes the preparation of wood drying production process, the formulation of wood drying production management system, the establishment of wood drying production technology files and the establishment of production operators training system.

1.Compiling the production process of wood drying

The production process of wood drying is a standard document used to guide the actual production of wood drying. The actual wood drying production is a relatively complex process. In wood processing enterprises, due to the differences in production environment, the management of the actual production process is also different, and wood drying production is no exception. In order to ensure the quality of wood drying production, we must compile and formulate the process flow suitable for the enterprise's wood drying production according to the actual situation of the enterprise and the promulgated standards, in order to implement the wood drying production.

We will provide free technical support to all users using Fushun equipment in wood drying process.

II. Establishment of Wood Drying Production Management System

In order to implement the rules of wood drying process correctly, enterprises must have a reasonable management system of wood drying production to ensure. The establishment of wood drying production management system is the basic condition to ensure the normal operation of enterprise wood drying production. 

It is necessary to adapt measures to local conditions and not to copy rigidly. The management system of wood drying production must be formulated in accordance with the situation of enterprise staff, specific production conditions, supporting facilities and product quality requirements, including:

1. Management of personnel engaged in wood drying production. For example, the commuting system, the discipline to be observed in the work, the scope of duties and so on.

2. Management of drying equipment. For example, the operator should pay attention to the operation of drying equipment during working hours, the scope of management and treatment of problems, etc.

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