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How to use high frequency signal generator


Use an electroscope signal generator with the same voltage level as the electroscope. The working part of the hand-held electroscope (electroscope head) touches the electrode tip of the generator to the electrode tip of the tested appliance, and presses the “work” switch. At this time, the electro-acoustic signal of the electroscope indicates that the performance of the electroscope is intact, such as no sound and light indication.

Indicates that the electroscope is faulty and should be repaired or replaced.we are provide HF generator 20KW,you can know it.

When detecting the near-electric alarm helmet, you only need to push the electrode head of the high-voltage signal generator close to the alarm to press the “work” switch.
Additional introduction:
Signal generators, also known as signal sources or oscillators, have a wide range of applications in production practice and technology. Various waveform curves can be represented by trigonometric equations.
A circuit capable of generating a variety of waveforms such as a triangular wave, a sawtooth wave, a rectangular wave (including a square wave), and a sine wave is called a function signal generator. Function signal generators have a wide range of applications in circuit experiments and equipment testing. For example, in communication, broadcasting, and television systems, radio frequency (high frequency) transmission is required. The radio frequency wave here is a carrier wave. When audio (low frequency), video signal or pulse signal is carried out, an oscillator capable of generating a high frequency is required.

In the fields of industry, agriculture, biomedicine, etc., such as high frequency induction heating, melting, quenching, ultrasonic diagnosis, magnetic resonance imaging, etc., all require large or small, high or low frequency oscillators.

HF generator 20KW

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