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How to use high frequency signal generator

(1) Pre-use work before use

1 Check if the power supply voltage is within the range of 220 (1±10%)V. If it exceeds this range, external regulator or voltage regulator should be connected, otherwise the frequency error will increase.we are provide HF generator 10KW,you can know it.

2 Because the high frequency filter capacitor is connected to the power supply, the casing has a certain potential. If the cabinet does not have a grounding wire, a grounding wire must be installed during use.

3 Before power-on, check the position of each knob, and turn the knobs such as carrier adjustment, output-fine adjustment, output-multiplication and amplitude adjustment counterclockwise. The voltmeter (V meter) and the amplitude meter (M% meter) are mechanically zeroed.

4 Turn on the power, turn on the switch, and the indicator lights. Preheat for 10 minutes, turn the band switch on the instrument panel between any two gears, then adjust the zero knob on the panel to make the pointer of the voltmeter zero.

(2) Equal-amplitude high-frequency signal output (carrier) step

1 Set the amplitude modulation selector switch to the “equal amplitude” position.

2 Place the band switch in the corresponding band and adjust the frequency adjustment knob to the desired frequency. There are two frequency adjustment knobs. Use the knob in the middle of the frequency dial when changing the frequency in a wide range. When approaching the desired frequency, use the frequency fine adjustment knob next to the frequency dial to fine tune to the desired frequency.

The high frequency generator is the core device for medium heating. Using a 380V, 50Hz three-phase AC power supply, the device can generate a high-frequency oscillator source of 6.78MHz, 13.56MHz or 27.12MHz, and apply a high-power high-frequency electric field to the workpiece through the output matching network (such as laminated glued curved wood to be heated) , Glulam, etc.), the high-frequency electric field penetrates the medium, selectively acts only on the glue molecules in the workpiece, so that it is polarized, and moves with the electric field at high speed, and then sharply heats up and solidifies;

In this process, since the dry wood does not absorb energy, the energy of the electric field can be concentrated, the loss is small, the efficiency is high, and the heating is fast, so it quickly becomes the preferred equipment for furniture production, wood processing and related industries. At present, the products produced by high-frequency equipment heating include: curved wood furniture, laminated board, solid wood door and window splicing, artificial wood, wooden sole, furniture frame bonding, speaker four-corner bonding, wood edge sealing, musical instrument parts, etc. In principle, all wood parts bonded with glue can be heated by high-frequency heating. It is believed that high frequency dielectric heating will have more and more widespread application prospects in the field of furniture and wood processing.

The company's high-frequency generators have been tested by national authorities and fully comply with the requirements of high-frequency radiation in national environmental standards.

HF generator 10KW

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