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How to choose high frequency vacuum wood drying tank

1.How to configure high frequency power and dry tank size? The size and length of the drying tank container are generally selected according to the length and production volume of the wood to be dried. The configuration of the high frequency power and the drying tank is distinguished by whether the wood needs to be rapidly heated. Depending on the density and thickness of the dry material and the initial moisture content, there are generally two power configurations: one is a thicker material with a higher material density and contains more than 30% water, generally using a small high frequency power: such as 6 The cubic tank can be configured with a high frequency of 20-30KW. 10 cubic configurable 30-50KW high frequencies. Because drying such wood should not heat up too quickly, it will cause defects such as cracking, so do not use high power. The other is a low-permeability wood with good density, or a dense but basically dry wood and a dense but thin wood (such as a eucalyptus floorboard). The larger the power is heated and dried, so that it is dehydrated faster and is less prone to cracking deformation defects. Of course, the above refers to the general configuration, except for special wood. We are provide High frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln machine,you can buy it.

2.Is it a waste of power to configure large, high-frequency power? It should be said that it is the best solution to configure the appropriate power, according to the different woods to be dried. For example, the 6 cubic dry tanks can be configured with two power high frequencies of 20-30KW. Heavy wood such as mahogany or hardwood with a thickness of 6cm or more and water content of 30% or more can be dried with 20KW high frequency. If 30KW high frequency is used, it is also heated by about 20KW power, and the power consumption is basically the same, but the price is slightly higher and uneconomical. 

High frequency vacuum wood dryer kiln machine

For example, if the drying density is small, the gas permeability is thinner or the secondary drying wood, the drying process requires a larger power to heat up faster, so that the drying process is faster, more economical and substantially free of defects. If this type of wood is dried with less power, the heating rate is slower and the drying time is longer, which in turn consumes more electricity. The amount of power consumed does not depend entirely on the choice of high frequency power.

 But it depends on: 

1. Quality and performance of high frequency equipment. Whether the high frequency and load match are good. 

2.The energy required to dry the wood.The rationality of the drying process.


1.The whole process of wood drying adopts a fully automatic control system, making “unattended” a reality; 

2, five patented technologies, real-time monitoring of various sensing methods to ensure safe and high quality wood; 

3, the overall humanized design, easy to operate, clear identification system, the operability is extremely high;

4, dozens of wood drying parameters, allowing operators to quickly find the best process standards.

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