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High frequency vacuum wood dryer

It is suitable for efficient removal of wood stress (especially wood secondary drying balance), rapid drying of large section thick wood, rapid drying of hardwood (especially mahogany), rapid drying of small batch of wood, drying of floor panels, drying of veneers, etc.we are HF timber drying kiln machine and the best HF timber drying kiln machine,you can know it.

Main features of high frequency vacuum drying of wood:

It adopts high-frequency drying, heating at the same time inside and outside the wood, heating evenly; drying speed is fast, drying time is short; good quality can maintain the natural color of wood.

The wood is vaporized at a low temperature in a vacuum environment and is not easily deformed and cracked.

At the same time, the floor blank and veneer can be dried, the flatness is good, and the operation is simple.

Effectively remove wood stress and balance wood moisture content.

Environmentally safe, no boiler required.

Typical drying data: dry wood (redwood) dry - thickness 6cm, water content 35% -50% rosewood, only 6 days to dry to 11% -13%, wood secondary balance drying (only hours).

There are many methods for drying mahogany, mainly conventional drying method, vacuum drying method and air drying conventional combined drying method.

(1) Conventional drying method: The conventional drying method is a convection heating drying method using damp hot air as a drying medium, and has many structural forms, and is a method for drying wood which is used more in wood processing enterprises. It has many heating methods (can be divided into conventional steam, hot water drying and conventional furnace gas drying); the volume of the material varies widely (small cubic meters, large hundreds of cubic meters), which can meet Various production requirements; drying process is easy to master and control.

As analyzed in the previous section, most mahogany products manufacturers have small annual wood processing, tree species, and plate specifications. Therefore, the kiln body with a volume of 15 to 25 m3 is selected, and the furnace kiln is selected to be fan-type. The steam and hot water kiln are better to choose the overhead fan type. The air circulation in the small kiln material pile is more uniform, and the difference in temperature and humidity is small, which can meet the production demand and achieve better drying quality.

(2) Vacuum drying method: Vacuum drying method is also widely used at home and abroad. The vacuum kiln body is a cylindrical metal structure with good compression and sealing properties. The drying principle is to use the degree of vacuum in the tank to lower the boiling point of water and accelerate the movement speed of moisture in the wood, thereby increasing the drying speed and shortening the drying time.

Therefore, when the vacuum drying method is selected, the drying temperature is low, and the drying defects such as cracks and shrinkage of the wood can be reduced or avoided. The vacuum drying method is more suitable for drying hard hardwood thick plates, which has good drying effect on hardwood with good permeability.

HF timber drying kiln machine

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