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High frequency generator reading

High frequency generator reading:

A high frequency generator is an AC/AC converter that uses a mains supply that is equipped with a stabilizing element that enables a stepless bulb to start and operate at high frequencies.we are provide HF generator 10KW,you can know it.

The high frequency generator works on the principle of electromagnetic induction and is commonly used to provide high frequency constant voltage lighting for the electrodeless bulb.


After inputting a certain range of power supply voltage, the high frequency generator generates a high frequency constant voltage of 2.65 MHz to the power coupler, and the power coupler establishes a static strong magnetic field in the discharge space of the glass envelope to ionize the atmosphere in the discharge space, and Producing strong ultraviolet light, the three primary color phosphors on the inner wall of the glass bulb are excited by strong ultraviolet light.

In the power supply design, due to the adoption of APFC power control technology and the use of IC technology, on the one hand, the power factor of the power supply is as high as 0.95 or more; on the other hand, the high-frequency generator is always lit with high-frequency constant voltage. Therefore, when the input power supply voltage fluctuates within a certain range, the luminance of the light is constant.

HF generator 10KW

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