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High frequency drying - what is intelligence

We promote intelligent high-frequency equipment, not word games or hype concepts, but adapt to the trend.we are wood drying machine for sale.

When we are at an exhibition or talking to customers, customers often ask: What is smart. Below we explain a little.

Intelligence refers to the process of combining artificial experience with scientific experiment and practical results, forming a drying process for a kind of wood, and then writing 

into the PLC program. If the same kind of wood, the same kind of moisture content can be Directly replicate this process to achieve a quantifiable drying quality that can be replicated.

Of course, the accuracy of all data depends on stable and accurate monitoring devices, such as Qinchuan Machinery's custom fiber optic temperature measurement, high-frequency 

interference weighing device (calculation of moisture content by weight).

Ending with the best, product positioning: high quality, stable, safe, cost-effective, relatively economical price, the best service, exceeding the expectations of customers.

wood drying machine for sale

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