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High frequency drying effect analysis

The biggest advantage of high-frequency drying is the penetration heating of the board, the drying of the wood inside and outside, and the high frequency is also destined to have a unique advantage for the

drying of mahogany and hardwood wood. The drying speed is a conventional steam kiln. Several times or ten times, and because of the precise control of the wood temperature, the wood can be cracked, and there

is no warping deformation, which greatly improves the wood yield, especially for thicker wood larger than 5cm, high frequency. Vacuum drying is currently the best solution.we are provide HF wood dry machine,you can know it.
1. The whole process of wood drying adopts a fully automatic control system, making “unattended” a reality;
2, five patented technologies, real-time monitoring of a variety of sensing methods to ensure safe and high quality wood;
3, the overall humanized design, easy to operate, clear identification system, operability is extremely high;
4, dozens of wood drying parameters, allowing operators to quickly find the best process standards.
We have a research and development team composed of outstanding experts in the fields of high frequency, automation, wood and drying. The company has more than a dozen patented technologies, which fill the gap in the field of high-frequency dielectric heating in China.
Our goal is to be the world's leading supplier of high-frequency dielectric heating equipment, dedicated to the highest quality products and best service to users.

HF wood dry machine

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