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High Frequency Heating Principle

High frequency is called Radio frequency in the west as a kind of high frequency wave. In the oscillation electric field, the dielectric molecules (e.g.: glue, water, PVC, rubber, etc.) is polarized constantly in very high speed and form 2 poles. The poles reverse so that molecules of dielectric material rotate or vibrate in high speed and heat will be generated by intermolecular friction and collision. Thus it can heat material fast, making glue bonded, water steamed, PVC soft and then formed.we are provide HF generator 20KW,you can buy it.


■High heating rate and efficiency: The glue solidified molten and plastic lamination completed in minutes even seconds . (Just as Figure 2)

■Uniform heating: HF can penetrate the material and heat it in a uniform electromagnetic field.

■Easily controlled process: HF is good for feeding and heating process.

4.Improving the quality of products: It makes the quality of product stable through the timber gluing process, which has insectical and anticorrosion effect. 

■Selective heating: In a certain frequency, it will highly improve heating efficiency and decrease energy dissipation by properly selecting frequency to aim at heating certain substance inside electric filed differently, e.g.: timber jointing can make glue line inside identical electric field heated with timber unheated.

Suitable for automated production, saving labor.

■Environmental protection, no boiler, no dust, no smoke, provide a good woring environment.

HF generator 20KW

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