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High Frequency Blockboard Core Putting Machine

Product characteristics:

_Use PLC, touch screen and other automatic configuration

_Industrial 380V power supply is used as heating source, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.we are board jointing machine sellers.

_More advanced automatic feeding and discharging devices.

_Configuration of automatic cutting board saw, according to customer requirements to cut the required length, improve work efficiency.

_Four-dimensional compression plate core to achieve seamless splicing.

_High frequency heating patchwork has good quality, firm bonding, time saving, labor saving and power saving.

_Putting together a board only uses one kilowatt hour.

High frequency jigsaw, also known as high frequency jigsaw jigsaw, is a common material processing equipment in the wood industry.

The splicing equipment splices small volume wood (veneer, bamboo) into larger volume materials.

The equipment uses high frequency heating to complete the bonding process. Compared with cold bonding and other heating methods, it has the advantages of high speed, high automation, wide adaptability and low cost of glue synthesis.

It is gradually recognized by the majority of users.

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