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HF Wood Dry Machine Manufacturer

Wood drying is very important link during woodworking process. If you want get quality dried lumber, to learn some knowledge about the wood water is necessary.we are provide HF board jointing machine,you can buy it.

What is Moisture content?

The weight of water in living trees, freshly cut logs, and freshly sawn lumber can exceed the weight of the wood. The total amount of water in a piece of wood is called its moisture content (MC).

Moisture content % = (weight of water/ ovendry weight of wood) x 100%

For example, a freshly cut piece of oak weighed 165 lbs. In its initial green state, and ended up weighing is 100 lbs. When fully dried in oven. That is to say total 65lbs. of water lost in the drying process. So 65 lbs. (weight of water). divided by 100 lbs.(oven dried weight of wood) and multiplied by 100% to get the moisture content, we arrive at 65% for a fresh cut oak.

This moisture exists in two different forms: as free water that is contained as liquid in the pores or vessels of the wood itself, and as bound water that is trapped within the cell walls.

How to choose a high frequecny vacuum dry kiln to meet your needs?

The main factors to consider are as belowing;

Wood species (walnut,ash, acacia, rosewood,oak,pine,teak, africa hardwood and etc.)

Thickness in mm of your wood slab 

Initial moisture and target moisture,The above factors will decide the dry time of per batch. For example, if you suppose to dry 50cbm per month of ash slab at 30-40% initial moisture and with thickness of 100mm,According to the ash slab, it will take 5 days to reach 8% finial moisture. In a month, you can able to make 6 dry cycles.

HF board jointing machine

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