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Board Jointing Machine sellers

Precision CNC processing of each component, multi-layer surface protection processing; core accessories are selected Germany Rexroth, Siemens and Taiwan Quanday, Italy Fister and other high-end products, stable and reliable performance. High quality comes from concentration! Small details, from the heart!we are board jointing machine sellers.

There are no overlapping seams, no broken plates, no clamping and no sticking wheels in operation, less chip removal, high utilization rate and low cost.we are board jointing machine sellers.

What aspects should be paid attention to in the use of jigsaw puzzle?

In order to prevent the splitting machine from breaking down, the following points should be paid attention to:

Firstly, due to short circuit or overcurrent, the discharging of the plate in the jigsaw jigsaw is produced. The solution is to find out the reason first.
Generally, there are several common cases where glue overflows to the upper and lower plates, or there are serious scars on the wood. The penetrating parts are repaired with stainless steel welding rods and then polished flat.
Second, the over-current of the jigsaw jigsaw is mostly caused by improper use and mismatch of cathode and anode currents. Therefore, the operators need special training before going on duty. After changing the thickness of the jigsaw jigsaw, they must readjust the high frequency. In order to prevent the use of jigsaw jigsaw breakdown, we should pay attention to the above two points in operation.

board jointing machine sellers

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