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Principle of jigsaw Jigsaw

Using the Zener breakdown characteristic of the regulator, the jigsaw can get high frequency signal with frequency up to several hundred MHz. Its circuit is shown in the figure. The signal taken from the output V01 is a single frequency signal, which can be used to adjust the resonance frequency in the tuning circuit.

The output V02 signal is a broad-spectrum high-frequency signal, which can be tuned between the input resonant circuit and the local oscillator tuning circuit in the superheterodyne radio. we are board jointing machine sellers.

The frequency range of the generator is from l00kHz to 27MHz, which is divided into five bands: 100kHz to 300kHz to lMHz to 3MHz to 9MHz to 27MHz.

The output voltage of the signal generator is about 9 mV. The coils Ll~L5 are wound on the skeleton with fine-tuning core, Ll~L3 is enameled with 0.1mm, L4 and L5 are enameled with 0.2mm. The turns of Ll-L5 are 270+270, 260, 80, 30 and 10.

The jigsaw assembly is calibrated with standard signal generator and frequency calibration is made on the knob of variable capacitor C3.

Regulating potentiometer RP makes the output of high frequency signal the strongest. The voltage regulator used in the circuit has no special requirements, but the supply voltage should be higher than the voltage regulator to ensure that the voltage regulator works at the inflection point of the characteristic curve.

Cautions in using jigsaw Jigsaw

Cautions for using jigsaw puzzle:

1. Gas supply should be used in close coordination with electrical appliances.

2. Adjust the one-way throttle valve to ensure the synchronization of the back-off cylinder, otherwise it will seriously affect the life of the back-off cylinder.

3. For the first time, the cutting material of the equipment should be balanced, and the number of pages should be maintained in one row after splicing, then the plate should be removed and spliced to prolong the service life of the equipment.

4. When the jigsaw jigsaw rotates, the suspension cylinder must be returned to both sides of the bracket panel in advance.

5. It is strictly forbidden to press the fixture body on the material rack to continue to rotate, so as to avoid major equipment violation operation accidents. (When no automatic stop occurs, the power supply should be cut off in time to check whether the stroke switches 2XK and 3XK are out of order)

6. Clean up the boards and other obstructions in the rotary space of the fixture body to make the splitting machine run smoothly.

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